C.N.P. Waste Disposal Ltd. offers services in the following areas:

  • Rig Drill Sites
  • Oil Well Service
  • Wireline Service
  • Wel Tie-Ins
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Compression Stations

C.N.P. Waste Management Program

Set up with drill site waste management in mind, our program provides customers with a single source for the management and recycling/disposal of solid and liquid dangerous oil field wastes generated during drilling operations.

Components of the program include:

  • Initial set-up of bins at drill sites
  • Same day service and change out on bins
  • Recycling/disposal of all materials at approved and qualified facility
  • Provision of bills of lading, shipping manifests and supporting documents as a means of tracking the recycling and disposal of oil waste

Benefits of the C.N.P. Waste Management Program

  • Same day trucking and bin location service
  • Bin design that promotes safety, accessibility and efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness due to proximity of qualified landfill site
  • Over 50 years in Waste Management experience

The C.N.P. Waste Management Program was designed to provide an easy to use, safe method of oilfield waste disposal and recycling. The unique bin system consists of the following:

  • A large bin with two movable dividers for the collection and segregation of general refuse, recyclable plastic and scrap metal; and
  • A small bin with 6 compartments for the collection and storage of liquid and other oilfield wastes, such as, glycol, filters, solvents and rages.

Both bins are mounted on a heavy duty skid and can be moved between sites on a bed truck or roll off truck. The design system complies with all environmental, transportation (TDG) and safety standards.

Both the top and the underside of the bin is labeled with the type of waste that is acceptable in each of the five compartments.

  • Oil Filters (two drums)
  • Oil Filter Drainage Area
  • Rags and Absorbents (one drum)
  • Waste Oil (200 gallon tank)
  • Solvents (10-20 gallon tank)

C.N.P. Waste Management Program Credentials

  • Alberta Motor Transport & Safety Certificate
  • Alberta Carrier Number
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Additional Insured on Insurance Policy
  • WCB Clearance Certificate for Alberta & British Columbia
  • Waste Tracking Service for Compliance with AEVB-G58 & AEUB
  • 100% Standing with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks & PICS Websites

In addition to the above, all of our trucks are operated by experienced drivers who have:

  • Standard 1st Aid
  • H2S
  • TDG
  • Class 1 License (15-20 years experience)

Other Services Available

  •  3-Yard & 6-Yard general refuse bins, as well as 30-Yard general refuse bins for camp and cleanup

Provision and Servicing of Chemical Toilets

  • Regular Chemical Toilets
  • Lighted & Heated Chemical Toilets
  • Regularly Serviced in Accordance to Your Needs
  • Waterless Hand Wash Stations
  • Double Sink Water Hand Wash Station
  • Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly