Health & Safety

Health & Safety is an integral part of C.N.P. Waste Disposal Ltd.’s work. It plays a major part in our day to day operations and is there to protect our employees, visitors, clients, the environment, and the public.

There are many costs that are associated with accidents and unsafe work practices. The greatest costs are human costs. By protecting our employees we are also protecting their friends, families, fellow workers, management, the public and the environment from the far-reaching effects from serious accidents. It is our belief that all accidents and personal injuries are preventable.

C.N.P. Waste Disposal Ltd. believes that our people are our single most important resource and is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service, while ensuring the safety of our employees.

C.N.P. Waste Disposal Ltd. has an ongoing Health & Safety Program that relies on the interaction of all it’s employees. On-going hazard analysis, communication and training provide our workers with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently and with reduced risk. Regular inspections of all area’s of work are performed daily and all maintenance and repairs done as quickly as possible to maintain our high standard of safe practices.

Our goal is a healthy, injury free, productive working environment for our employees and others around us. In order to accomplish this goal the safety of our employees, contractors, and the general public is of utmost importance. To attain an accident free workplace, everyone must contribute to this goal and maintain this commitment. Through personal commitment and active participation we can achieve this goal.